Our options Formula 1 is only possible with an annual contract of 50 euros including IVA. Price is for Ontinyent and 30 km in circumference in the zone 60 km around Ontinyent it is 75 euros including IVA This formula only includes storing a spare set of keys in a sealed cover so that you can still go to your home at all times.


Formula 2, within Ontinyent and 30 km in circumference 25 euros per month or 275 euros per year including IVA in the 60 km zone around Ontinyent it is 30 euros per month or 330 euros per year including IVA This formula is somewhat more extensive and you can count on a monthly visit to your home for a thorough check inside and outside your home.



You will also receive feedback with photos and either by telephone or by e-mail.

Which are our points for attention;

Check for burglary marks Check for possible damage

Checking for the proper functioning of electrical and / or running water, as well as flushing sanitary facilities and drains to combat unpleasant odors

Check whether everything is still securely closed and all gates are still closed

Ventilate your home to prevent mold and vermin If necessary, collect the mail and forward urgent mail to you

In the event of defects or determinations of, for example, a storm or water damage to your home, we will already look for an appropriate solution together with you.


Formula 3, within Ontinyent and 30 km in circumference 30 euros per month or 330 euros per year including IVA in the zone around 60 km around Ontinyent it is 40 euros per month or 440 euros per year including IVA Same service as formula 2, with the extra service included 5 times receiving guests after the 5 turns it costs you 30 euros per receipt.

For this we bring the key to your home when the guests arrive, we give them a tour as it is arranged as you want and the necessary explanation about the use of the devices and also on departure we collect the key after checking the home.

When guests leave, we will also inform you, it is always nice to know that everything is in order.

In the event of alarms, repairs or deliveries, we can check the location and this per intervention.

We use 30 euros for this between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM 20:00 and 08:00 50 euros

These costs apply in the event of losing or returning the house key

Welcome package 35 euros and provided for MAX 4 people If desired, you can spoil your guest with a welcome package, which we deliver the first morning or on arrival depending on time. This package includes a bottle of flat water, a red and white wine, a bottle of cava, a brig of milk.

To this we add a multigrain bread and coffee cake butter cheese ham and raw ham jam cups tea sugar sticks, coffee cups or ground coffee and of course 2 rolls of toilet paper.

This makes it more pleasant for the guests and they can immediately enjoy their stay.